Replace bluetooth for buttons dmd p10 matrix

How can I control the messages with buttons in dmd

I want control 16 buttons with 16 different messages

the code with bluetooth is


#include <SPI.h> //SPI.h must be included as DMD is written by SPI (the IDE complains otherwise)
#include <DMD.h>
#include <TimerOne.h>
#include “SystemFont5x7.h”
#include “Arial_black_16.h”

//Fire up the DMD library as dmd
//number max of characters in your message
#define max_char 100
char message[max_char]; // stores you message
//char mess[max_char];
char r_char; // reads each character
byte index = 0; // defines the position into your array
int i;
char greeting = “Welcome”;
Interrupt handler for Timer1 (TimerOne) driven DMD refresh scanning, this gets
called at the period set in Timer1.initialize();
void ScanDMD()

void setup(void)

//initialize TimerOne’s interrupt/CPU usage used to scan and refresh the display
Timer1.initialize( 5000 ); //period in microseconds to call ScanDMD. Anything longer than 5000 (5s) and you can see flicker.
Timer1.attachInterrupt( ScanDMD ); //attach the Timer1 interrupt to ScanDMD which goes to dmd.scanDisplayBySPI()

//clear/init the DMD pixels held in RAM
dmd.clearScreen( true ); //true is normal (all pixels off), false is negative (all pixels on)
void loop(void)
//check if serial is avaible an before reading a new message delete’s the old message

for(i=0; i<99; i++){
message = ‘\0’;

  • }*

  • //resests the index *

  • index=0;*

  • }*

  • //while is reading the message*

  • while(Serial.available() > 0){*

  • //the message can have up to 100 characters*

  • dmd.clearScreen( true );*

  • if(index < (max_char-1))*

  • { *

  • r_char =; // Reads a character*

  • message[index] = r_char; // Stores the character in message array*

  • index++; // Increment position*

  • // message[index] = ‘\0’; // Delete the last position*

  • }*

  • }*

//prepares the display to print our message

  • dmd.selectFont(Arial_Black_16);*
  • //displays the message*

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