Replace buttons with PNP transistor

Smajdalf: Where exactly do you see simplification? I see 4 pin device + current limiting resistor vs. 3 pin device + current limiting device. In given context optocoupler is more expensive device with (at least) one leg to solder and no extra gain.

One single 16pin DIP device, lower profile, [u]compact siz[/u]e. They are even available in [u]SMD[/u] packages. One component to fit instead of 4 or 3, legs pre-aligned to 0.1inch pitch. Limiting device in both concepts. Thats FIVE components for 4 buttons. OR FOUR components for 3 buttons. Tom.... :)

For minimum components a driver such as (open drain) NOT gate/buffer would be probably better. No need for current limiting resistors, minimum soldering.

I didn't choose another solution because I have no idea what I'm doing :)

I just thought about it and was measuring the current completely wrong, the pnp was shut, but when I add a led to to the collector and emitter (where the 2 wires from the remote were still connected) I'm obviously closing the circuit... :o so I have measured the current going through the remote when idle and it's at 0.1uA, so I'm not too worried about my remote sending RF signals all day long :) when I activate one of the pnp's for 200ms it will peak for a second and then drop to 0.1uA again. So it's all good, I have learned a lot, thanks for all the help with this.