Replace LED's in a NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip with Vibration motors

Hi, I have a question is it possible to build a vibration motor strip out of a "NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip"?
I want to get achieve a strip of vibration motors I can make on/of in a strip. Why hack a LED stripe? Because I want to time this how the motors turn on/off after each other in a row and I thought replacing the LEDs with one of these pancake vibration motors could work but I tested it and I can not find out how I need it to connect them to the strip. Does anyone have an idea?

Thx already for the ideas and answers!

how do you drive your vibration motor? (link to the specs?)

No. It may be possible to build a strip of vibration motors, but a neopixel strip will not help you at all, or any other kind of led strip.

As @J-M-L suggested, post a link to the specifications of the motors you want to use and say how many you want to use. Perhaps we can suggest a way to achieve it.

Point being, vibration motors will require substantially more than the 20 mA limited current that a WS2811 chip provides. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

well, You could build some sort of optocoupler: for example have a LDR (or similar) on top of each pixel of the strip and it the pixel is on then the LDR sees it and that’s used to trigger the motor through some circuit :slight_smile:

Why hack a strip when you can just buy the chip itself?

Run the output for each LED through a low-pass filter and you will have a DC level you can use to drive the motor (up to 20mA).

And what are you going to do with that?

Because OP wanted to use the strip.

There are probably better ways for doing what OP wants but s/he did not provide enough information on the use case..

You can easily hack a strip or buy loose chips. either way you will somehow have to connect them to the open collector outputs of the WS2811.

The only strip you could hack in any case, is a 12 V strip using WS2811s. You clearly cannot hack a WS2812.

Let's see if the OP ever returns. :grin:

with the LDR and a bit of extra ICs to drive the motor, you could... but you probably should not.

a 5v strip using WS2811's would also work, but they are usually 'side-emitting' and rather pricey, so that would be wasteful.

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