Replace resistive touchscreen with Arduino

Guys I have a broken 7 inch resistive touchscreen pannel of a tablet from china. I searched for the pannel online but did not find a suitable one. It's a 4 wire resistive touchscreen pannel, so I was thinking of replacing it with a Arduino to mimic the touchscreen pannel. Is there anyway to work this out ??

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sorry its because I didnt get any response please forgive me :frowning: :frowning:

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Hello m_k_akash,

I saw your original post and did not reply because your question is too vague to answer and I can't always be bothered to remind people to post questions that can be answered. You have made over 100 posts, I would hope by now you would know what you have to ask and what information you have to provide to stand a chance of getting help. Please, if you want someone to help then follow the forum guidelines, which I feel sure you must be aware of.

Thank you.