replace RJ45 UDE

Hello, I need a RJ45 UDE BS-RB10202 to replace on arduino ethernet shield rev06, but I can't find it on electronic shop (1 pieces). who can help me?

The Arduino Ethernet schematic calls the Ethernet jack "SI-40138" which is from Stewart Connector and is part of the MagJack® ST SI-40000 series.

The DigiKey part number is 380-1012-ND but that seems obsolete (call for pricing).

The RoHS replacement is 380-1106-ND. That's the SI-60062-F which costs $5.75 each.

You should probably check the two drawings to make sure they are compatible.

Thank you for your help, I try to take these connectors in stores near trieste, because otherwise the cost of shipping and the connector would be higher than the new one. thank you again.