Replace sd card

Hi all,
I’am working with an samd21 with an sd card to store some log file in csv format. I’am looking for a solution for replace/remove my sd card to gain some place on my board.
Do you think is it possible to use eeprom? I’am only need maybe 64Mo (maximum). What’s the best solution? Is it possible ?

How about using micro SD instead?

@simon884 if you are moving away from removable storage to fixed storage, then maybe one of the SPI flash devices would work for you. The Winbond devices are very cheap, even for 128Mbit devices. You can also put a simple flash file system on them if you don't fancy writing raw data to the chip.

Of course, with fixed storage you need a way of exporting your stored data off the board and capturing it on the analysis pc.

You can get what amounts to an SD card on a chip :

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Thanks, that is an interesting board.

Yes, very interesting board

Yes of course, maybe I'll read my storage via Serial

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