Replace Serial Port with USB, Please Help!

Hello Everyone, I'm using the handmade Arduino LINK - , However i want a USB port instead of the serial port and program it using the Arduno IDE. How i can do it?


Nishant Sood

Very easy: Get a FTDI TTL-Serial to USB cable or breakout-board (eg: or ) and connect it to your M8RXD, M8TXD, DTR (Pin 4 on the DB9-connector) and ground. That's how the Pro Mini does it. For inspiration get the schematic of the Pro mini and look how JP1 (FTDI Basic) is wired up. You have all the necessary signals on your Arduino.


Thank you! Actually i'm okey with the Serial connection but i dn't know whether the Male Db-9 to Male DB-25 converter cables are there, i think there are Male to Female available and as in this board i have a female DB-9 port to connect with my DB-25 port on computer that is a Female too.