Replace usb cable to be able to read a pendrive over the air

Hi guys First of all please apologize I'm French and quite new in the bill

I would like to know if it is possible to turn a standard usb stick (or external hard drive) visible and readable over the air using 2 xbees ? This means replacing usb cable by wireless connection... How could I see as an host on my pc, the device connected to the xbee? I already have an arduino uno, and many xbee pro and shields

If that is not possible please just explain why... Thanks a lot guys Regards


I have never done it, never would, and I don't even think it is a good idea, but surely it is possible. The main problem is that Arduino is a slave and you need a host shield to enable it to read another slave like a USB drive. Once Arduino is able to read the drive, it should be able to transmit the data wirelessly. XBees are expensive, but I imagine versatility comes with the price. You may find the biggest problem is having an Arduino as a receiver that presents itself to the PC as a USB hard drive.

You should check the "Storage" section of the forum before writing this off.

It turns out there are good reasons why this isn't available as a commercial product:

If you don't mind it being absurdly slow, then you probably could do it with a pair of Xbees. Unfortunately it might be so slow that the PC thinks the stick is not responding and it will drop the connection.

You can read/write to an SD (flash) card with Arduino and communicate that by radio to an equipped PC, bluetooth I am sure can do. It will be slow.

But then the PC doesn't think that it's got a storage drive attached. Can you format the card using the PC? No.