Replace Wire to TinyWireM to use ATTINY85 - Bad measerements on SHTC3

[tt]Hello, this code works fine with an arduino Uno and an SHTC3 (Temp Sensor) and Wire library.
Good temp and TH.
To run on an Attiny85 I am using the TinyWireM library and I have wrong measurements. 
I tested with an internal clock at 8 Mhz or 1 Mhz. 
Same wrong measurements. 
Can you help me please? Have you an example ?Thank you.
Example of bas measurements :
17:42:32.538 -> Temperature: 40.20 C 
17:42:32.538 -> Temperature: 104.36 F 
17:42:32.538 -> Humidity: 0.00 % 
#define I2C_Address 0x70
#define reset 0x905D
#define sleep_mode 0xB098
#define wake_mode 0x3517
#define measure_mode 0x7CA2

#include "TinyWireM.h"  // A la place de Wire.h
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial Serie(1, 4);

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

  // soft reset
  TinyWireM.write((int)reset >> 8);
  TinyWireM.write((int)reset & 0x00FF);

   // sleep
  TinyWireM.write((int)sleep_mode >> 8);
  TinyWireM.write((int)sleep_mode & 0x00FF);

   // wake
  TinyWireM.write((int)wake_mode >> 8);
  TinyWireM.write((int)wake_mode & 0x00FF);


void loop() {
//  measure_mode
  TinyWireM.write((int)measure_mode >> 8);
  TinyWireM.write((int)measure_mode & 0x00FF);

  int temp1 =;
  int temp2 =;
  int check1 =; // Do not care. Just a place holder
  int hum1 =;
  int hum2 =;
  //int check2 =;
  float temp = (temp1 << 8) | (temp2 << 0);
  float humidity = (hum1 << 8) | (hum2 << 0);

  //Convert data to Celsius
  temp =  -45 + 175 * ((float)temp/65535); //2^16 = 65535
  float fahrenheit = temp * (9.0/5) + 32.0;

  //Convert humidity to percent
  humidity = 100 * (humidity/65535);
  Serie.print("Temperature: ");
  Serie.print(" C \n");
  Serie.print("Temperature: ");
  Serie.print(" F \n");
  Serie.print("Humidity: ");
  Serie.print(" % \n");
  Serie.print("  \n");
Extrait from TinyWireM.cpp [/tt]
   TinyWireM.cpp - a wrapper class for TWI/I2C Master library for the ATtiny on Arduino
  1/21/2011 BroHogan -  brohoganx10 at gmail dot com

Are there pullup resistors on the SDA ans SCL lines of the SHTC3? External pullups must be used on the I2C bus on the tiny85 processors.

What core are you using? I like the ATTinyCore core.

Thanks for your help. 
If I understood your answer correctly, I am using an attiny85 on a test bench connected to a SHTC3. 
I load the tiny program via an arduino Uno in Arduino as ISP setting. 
This attiny85 works fine as I have done OK tests with DHT11. 
But for the case of SHTC3, I don't have Pull Up resistors on SDA and SCL.
 If necessary, these resistors have what values ​​please and are they connected between SDA / SCL and 5V.
 Thank you for your answers.

The I2C bus.

The 2 pullup resistors go between the SDA pin and Vcc and SCL pin and Vcc.

Recommended values for the pullup resistors is 4.7K.

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