Replaced ATMega on Uno now wont connect or upload

I was playing with the Sparkfun easy driver and somehow generated a puff of smoke and couldn't connect to the UNO anymore. I think I put to much power to the board.

I ordered a new ATMega328 Chip w/ bootloader from Sparkfun and placed it in the socket with the semi circular releif facing away from the USB port.

The On LED comes on and stays on when I connect to the board to the computer and the L led flashes a bit and goes out. When I open the Arduino IDE to upload the Blink sketch (to test for functionality) I do not get the option to select a COM port and I get a failure saying there is nothing attached to COM6

I have tried the trouble shooting page and gotten nowhere. I am running Arduino-21 with a UNO on an XP machine.

You most likely also toasted the 82U chip on the board that is the USB serial converter chip.


Is there anther way to upload? Can I replace the chip(I am not great at soldering)?

Look like that chip isnt being replaced. So is this UNO trash?

If you have a project that doesn't need the USB connection you can stick the ATmega in a second Arduino Uno and install a sketch, then move it to the damaged Uno. If the USB chip is the only piece damaged the sketch should still run. The original ATmega may also have survived the damage and might still be usable.