Replacement for Blown D1 Diode on Arduino Nano

I accidently shorted +5 and GND on my Nano, which damaged D1 as described in the following archived threads:,46726.0.html,27931.0.html

As expected, when plugged into USB I only get about +2V on the +5 pin, but everything works fine (including programming via USB) when an external wall-wart is connected to Vin.

I was going to replace the MBR0520LT1 0.5A 20V schottky diode, and I was wondering if I’d be better off replacing it with the MBR130LSFT1 1.0A 30V schottky. That diode can withstand a lot more current, and the IR seems comparable at 5V. Is there any downside to using this diode? Would having a lower rated diode act as a fuse to protect my USB port or some other component be preferable?

Why would replacing it with one with a higher rated current make you "better off"?

I was thinking it would be less likely to blow if I got an very brief short again. In this case I barely brushed the wires and it blew, so I was thinking a higher rated diode might be able to take the hundredth of a second short without damage.

Diodes are cheap. Would you rather a more expensive component on the board die instead?