Replacement for r3 ethernet module

Hi people. I have a reef angel aquarium controller which uses an arduino board. It comes with a wifi module which I found very unreliable, so I replaced it with an ethernet module. However, that module is now no longer made. It was a standalone board with the wiznet interface which worked great with my controller through the 6 pin serial cable. My ethernet board has started doing weird things, so I went to buy a replacement for it, to find it no longer made. Any suggestions on a replacement that will work with my controller? Attached is the code that drove the ethernet module.

Ethernet.ino (4.25 KB)

It appears you can use any w5100 based ethernet board or shield with that code.

Yep, just wondering which board to use to be able to talk to the reef angel over the 6 pin serial header. The previous module had the serial header, whereas i cant seem to find anything that has it.

The 6 pin serial interface? Why would an ethernet module or shield have that?

edit: By the looks of the docs on the reefangel website, it is more than just the network connection.

This is the one I used previously which worked with the ino file above. Just trying to find something to replace it.


What do you mean it is not available?

Hmm, thanks. In my searches from here (in aust) all the ones I came across said it was discontinued. Great, bought one and a spare. Problem solved. Thanks!

Looks like w5100 based ethernet boards are down to $5.75 now on ebay.