Replacement for TBA820M audio amplifier chip

Hello all,

it seems the TBA820M chip is no longer available with my supplier, they say it is out of production. It's a 1.2 W audio amplifier, mono, with some peripherals (resistors, capacitors). It works well with a 8 ohm speaker. The price for the chip was about 40 cents. My supply voltage is 5 V.

I have tried the LM386N, though it's only a 0.5 W amplifier, meant for a 4 ohm load. Indeed I find the volume too low.

I have tried the TDA2822M, a 1 W amplifier, but also meant for a 4 ohm load; again: volume too low

I'm looking for a good replacement in the same price range. Any suggestions are welcome.

The application is sound for a laser tag gun.



Are you looking for something that is a Pin for Pin replacement or just similar specs? Maybe you said this, but surface mount or through hole?

I just did a search on mouser and it appears there are quite a few alternatives, although not necessarily quite as cheap :|0

Just similar specs will do, anything that will crank out about the same volume. I do prefer through hole. The chips on mouser all seem smt.


I read the spec sheet for the LM380N-8. I don't think that will work for him, it needs at least a 10V supply and he is working with 5V.

I am also interested in this topic. I've been working with a WT588d voice module that puts out 0.5W via PWM. I'm a little dissatisfied with the sound quality and the volume. The module has a DAC output, so I was hoping to feed it into an amplifier like those discussed here. It has the potential to simultaneously increase volume and sound quality.

Just like CaptainJack, I'd like to find a good through-hole IC that can give me anywhere between 1.0 Watt and 2.0 Watts with an 8 Ohm load. Also, I am working with a 5V system.

The best I've found so far is an LM4889. It looks good because I have limited space in my project and it does not require bulky coupling capacitors. I can only find it in SMT form factor, though, which does me no good. Has anyone ever seen this or a similar IC in a through-hole package?

WIth a single ended load and 5V, the maximum power you can get out of a pure sine wave test tone is 390 mW from an 8 ohm speaker. The max you could get from a pure square wave is 780 mW. You're not going to get one or two Watts without a bridge-tied load.

The LM386 has adjustable gain between 20 and 200. How were you using it? What are the characteristics of your signal source?

LM4889 uses a bridge-tied load. That must be why they are able to make the claim of 1+ Watts with a 5V supply.

I also found this:

It’s a breakout for TPA2005D1. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it might fit in my application. Maybe it would work for you to, CaptianJack. It’s not 40 cents, though.

Thank you all for your kind replies.

The LM380-N indeed requires a too high supply voltage.

It's interesting that you offer a TPA amplifier, because I just ordered one and tried it to my satisfaction. It's the TPA6203A1, 1.25 W Into 8 ? From a 5-V Supply:

for about 50 cents incl. tax. I have the luxury I can make my own breakout boards, though a dip version would be less of a hassle. My arduino coughs out 10 kHz 8 bit sounds with PWM and the result is more than adequate for my project (loud pew pew sounds from a laser tag gun).

I already was afraid it would be hard to find a good dip version replacement, but this smd amplifier will satisfy my needs.