Replacement of a potentiometer

I would like to know if any of you are able to recognize the manufacturer of the potentiometer attached in the picture.
It is part of a Hitec servo motor that I am using in an Arduino project.
Unfortunately it has failed and I cannot find how to replace it.
Note especially the shape of the shaft.

Why not simply replace the servo?

Because he is a very powerful and very expensive servo.
it's a HSR5990.

How about cannibalising a cheaper version, from the same manufacturer,
or indeed, another manufacturer?

Yes, in fact I wanted to try to insert the potentiometer of the less expensive version, (HSR-8498HB), but the format is different.
Unfortunately it is square while this is round.
In addition, the rod is in metal while the other is in Karbonite.
Replacing it with another manufacturer would be great, but I can't find anything compatible.

What is wrong with it?

I think it has worn out.
I tried cleaning it with a contact washer but it didn't work.
In practice, the servomotor is no longer positioned in the correct position.
I tried to read the value with a tester and I detect some strange values.
In some places no value can be read.

The resistive surface inside is just dirty. You can pry the tabs at the back, open it, and wash the wiper and resistor surface with contact cleaner.

At least, you can see what is going on inside.

It's been a while since I opened a while since I opened a servo, but I'm fairly certain the Futabas I have have this kind of shaft.

Yes, that's exactly what I did, but it hasn't changed unfortunately.
I opened it.

Interesting food for thought.
I do some research.

A 5k pot should be available from any distributor. The shaft is brass and can be shaped any way you want with file from your local hardware store. The shaft length can be shortened, if needed, with a hand-held metal saw.

You are right in fact a few days ago I tried with a model with a plastic shaft, but after using the grinding wheel, a disaster came out. :scream:
Any ideas on where to order a potentiometer with a diameter of 13mm and a height of 4mm?
... and possibly with metal rod.

Have you asked Google? Might depend on where you live.

Thanks for your answer.
The store is not important, but it is important to know if we can find something similar.
Refer me to any store.
Then I do the research on the right store.

EDIT:What I mean is that it would be enough for me to know the component code.
Sorry for my imperfect English. :sweat_smile:

Look for Digikey or for Mouser. Also search Ebay for 5k potentiometer and find on with a solid metal shaft that you can reshape.

Alternatively I tried to replace the potentiometer with the one attached.

It has the hole for the shaft that I will try to redo.
It has the right size, but the value is different, 10K.
This is actually an endless potentiometer, i.e. continuously rotating without STOP.
I could make a change to the servo motor limit switches and be able to make it work.
The problem as always is my google search ability.
I can't find a store that has it available.

Thanks, I'll try :+1:

How about this one?
Half of the shaft work is already done.

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