Replacing a burnt out voltage regulator on a MEGA 2560

Hi everyone, I’ve managed to burn out the voltage regulator on my Arduino Mega 2560 (power via USB works but the Vin and power jack don’t). I have searched the forum and found a couple of threads asking similar questions but because the voltage regulator product codes in those posts differ from what the component on my board says I was hoping for some clarification on the replacement component I should use.

The code on mine is W33 7CE5(0z) - 0z is in brackets as it is under the damaged region but it ties in with the code on my Uno board - and I’ve attached a photo of the damaged part, but I’ve seen links to

So I’m more than a bit lost about whether I should carry on trying to find an exact duplicate of the chip currently on the Arduino and where to get it or whether I should go for a different one.


If you don't use the same one, at least find one that has the same pinout. Or, connect it to the board and mangle the leads to match pinout on the board. I believe the correct part is NCP1117ST50T3G per the schematic. Mouser carries it. Base part # is NCP1117, rest is package, 5V indication. You can measure from the pads to other parts on the board to confirm the pinout. Left pin is Gnd, middle pin/tab is Out, right pin is Vin.