Replacing a parallel cable with a wireless link posibile with Arduino?

Hello all,

Im new to this forum, I hope I will not make big mistakes in this post, I searched the forum but I didnt find an answer for my problem. My problem is that I have a control unit that is connected with the monitor via a parallel cable. I need to replace the parallel cable with a wireless connection between this 2 components, is this possible to this with arduino? If the answer is positive, please give me some hints, so I will know from where to start, what boards do I need, how hard this will be for a newbie, etc. Every advice is pure gold for me.

Thank you!

It may be possible, you will have to give more information if you want help. To convert to wireless will require a detailed understanding of the protocol that's being used. Does it use a parallel data format (eg like the old printer ports on PC's) or is it simply a collection of control wires between monitor and control unit?

What kind of parallel interface is it? How many data bits? What is the data rate? What is the signal voltage? Bear in mind that your wireless link will need to operate at N times the parallel data rate where N=number of data bits.

Thank you for the replay rw950431,

This is the info that I have now, I`ve asked the manufacture more details about the data transfers thru every pin, hopefully they will give me that information.

Data bits: 16 Com. interface: IEEE 1284 (ECP),- 25 pins Comm. speed > 700kb/s Data transfer rate 40-400kb/s at 4Mbit/s

When i will have more details i will post them here, until now, considering the info i`ve just wrote my project is still feasible?

I`m thinking at something like that connect a arduino to the parallel port of the control unit, convert the data, send it thru wireless. The transmited signal is received by a second arduino thru wireless, converted and send to the monitor. This link must be bidirectional.

What arduino board is the best for my project and what more components i need?

Thank you

According to Wikipedia IEEE1284 is more commonly known as Centronics so perhaps you may find more information if you search 'arduino centronics"

For example this forum thread from 2011 might interest you