Replacing analog pot with digital pot and control resistance with motion sensors

Hello guys and girls, i am very NEW to arduino and no programming skills at all, anyways i have this project at my university and i would appreciate some help :)

I would like to literary replace the analog pots of a pedal effect box and connect the outputs of digital pots and i am thinking of controlling the resistance of each pot with motion sensors i.e. ultrasonic, pir, flex, buttons etc. So i would have the ability to control and recall settings that i need from the pedal effect box.

is it Possible??

Thank you in advance! cheers....

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

? Napoleon Hill,

is it possible? yes.,

cheers !

by the way, I was a bit confused about using literature to replace analog pots. alas, the schools these days are confusing to some of us.

is it Possible

Yes. Is it easy, - no.

Several snags:- 1) coping with negitave voltages

2) finding a common ground - effects peddls normally have ground lift resistors which makes getting at the true ground tricky. Many are battery driven and you can't simply power them with a common power supply as they sort of short out.

3) the resoloution of the digital pot means control is not smooth - but just for presets it is fine

I did not see the correlation to the disparate parts.

the pedal box is a device that allows one to inject or alter the output for (typically) a guitar.

to replace the pots with other inputs is not that hard. not sure why they would need to be digital, but we are not asked to offer suggestions. the only question posed was "is it possible"

to get out the crystal ball ( nature abhors a vacuum and lack of direction is a vacuum) we can guess that OP wants

1) replace analog pots with digital

2) control those pots with external devices

3) (this is the part that needs a lot of explanation )

"So i would have the ability to control and recall settings that i need from the pedal effect box."

this part needs a LOT of explanation. it seems this is the only part that requires a microcontroller.

on the subject of environmental or external inputs being able to be used to control other things, i offer this link as an interesting example.

at 45 seconds, the airflow/pressure sensor and it's use is very interesting.