Replacing arduino with a chip in finished project

So, after reading about Arduino projects from Make for so long and finding the Duamilanove from Finland, I decided to buy one.

I have lots of projects in mind, but one there is just one thing that is still, after much googling, puzzling me.
What do I need so I can swap the arduino with a single chip ?
I have found that the replacement chip could be the atmega168 if the program can fit on it, it would need some additional components and that it should have the arduino bootloader in it.

But what are the additional components, how do I connect them, and what do I need to do if the chip doesn’t have the bootloader ?

Also, please someone invent teleport mailboxes, I want my arduino now :frowning:

So if I have bootloaded chip, I only need a 5V power source, 10K ohm resistor for the reset pull-up, two 22pF caps, the 16MHz crystal and some wires.
And if the chip doesn’t have the bootloader, I need to get myself an AVR programmer ?

you can replace the crystal and caps with a ceramic resonator (which has the caps biult in)

and you can get preloaded avr chips from places like sparkfun for a couple bucks more, otherwise yes you will need a avr programmer to get the bootloader installed

You want some decoupling as well. The simplest practical circuit is probably that of the RBBB, look at the instructions on here :

You could also use a regulator so you could use more than just 5v.
Of course it’s on a breadboard… but an example of how to hook it up alone and with the regulator and decoupling caps.