Replacing ATmega16U2 with MCP2200 (new board with ATMEGA328P)

Hello friends

I have the need to use a ATMEGA328P with a MCP2200 (in a new standalone circuit).
Quinmdi I have to delete the ATmega16U2 and I have to replace it with a MCP2200.
I do not know which to use electronic schematic and which components to use.
I ask you a help to continue my experiment.
Thank you

I don't know much about MCP2200 since I'm using FT232, but I think it should not be too complicated. It seems that MCP2200 has everything you need: RX, TX and RTS (instead of DTR used in modern boards). Some discussion was here: Using Microchip MCP2200 instead of FTDI FT232. I tried google for "MCP2200 Arduino" and there is plenty schematics for the "kick off". However, I'm recommending to read the datasheet and other documments on Microchip's web.
Focus to their demo board document. There is a schematics which could be nice reference for your start.