Replacing IR Remote with MCU

Yes or no, using just a digital output of the Arduino, could that send the code to the device being hacked?

My project thoughts: I have an old sound bar that has no buttons, just the IR remote. I'd like to have buttons, so could I output from the Arduino the codes from the IR remote (power, volume, etc..)? I've played with the IRremote sketch and I can print the IR remote codes, but before I start going down the road of thinking I can output these codes from the Arduino, I want to make sure it's even possible.

Also, I am new to Arduino and this site seems very active. I think I'm going to like it here...


Welcome to the forums! Yes, emulating a remote is quite easy for an Arduino. You can capture what codes the current remote is sending and then code them into an Arduino to to transmit them on demand. How to do this is the next question....

Button press on Arduino triggers a certain code (like a remote)
Button press on a website trigger code (IoT, connected to some server or your phone - need connection from that to Arduino)