Replacing regular 9V with Energizer 9V Lithium Battery? Advice needed.


Sorry for the newbie question, any advice is greatly appreciated.

I have a 9V battery holder that I am using to power by Arduino Uno. Is it possible to replace a regular 9V with one of the Lithium 9V that are made for smoke detectors (longer lasting)?

Spec link Below. If anyone has the time to check it out, I would be extremely grateful :slight_smile:


You should do the math, how much millisamps you use as 9V even the better, don't last too long. If you need batteries, 6AA will last longer.

my 2 amps eh cents,

Yes, you could use them, but unless youโ€™re a recent lottery winner, please donโ€™t.

Thanks for the advice. Iโ€™m going with 6 AA.


You could also try just 3 and provide 4.5V power/ground to the power header, and not use the onboard heat generator, er, I mean, regulator.