Replacing Uno with Nano but project won't work!

I adapted a stopwatch sketch to work with a MAX7219 32 x 8 LED Matrix and it works fine with an Arduino UNO. To build the stopwatch, I used a Nano and change the DIN, CLK and CS pins to D12, D11 and D10 respectively as I found in another project using an LED Matrix. To start I used D2 in both cases via a 10K resistor. The circuit just won't work, so just wondering if there could be Nanos out there with different pin combinations for DIN, CLK and CS or if anyone has any suggestions. Circuit wiring has been checked several times. Ant help would be much appreciated.

If the original project was defined for a Uno, then use exactly the same pins as specified for the Uno on the Nano. Don't make any changes and it should be OK (assuming the original project actually worked).

There is no pin 13 on the Nano so can use the same pins!

Did you changed the board on tools, if not do it.

Indeed! Of course the Nano has PIN D13! This is located on the USB socket exactly opposite PIN D12

See here and look carefully:

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My eyesight is not what it was!!!!!!! Found pin 13, resorted to original and all works fine, Thanks for your input.

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Thanks, all sorted now.

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I got a set of these a few months back. They are cheap and very effective.

Glad you got your project working.

I use the zoom function (8x) of the camera on my smartphone. That helps and makes additional investments unnecessary - the camera is already built into the smartphone anyway.

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Similar if I have to decypher the print on ICs; sometimes takes a few attempts :wink: In the old days, they were printed on with white paint, nowadays they are laser engraved :unamused:

Yes, that's the way it is, and by now I don't see as well as in the early days, and since these magnifying glasses do not hold on to the head very well, and I can therefore not work well with them, I use something like this when assembling PCBs: sloder eyes

Thanks for all the input, I used a jewellers loop to read the pin labels this time but have made an appointment to get my eyes tested. I will try the zoom on my phone and I think my good lady has a magnifying glass I can borrow.

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