replacment for this transistor?

Okay… so long story short, i have this little transistor that i need the non-surface mounted version of. The part # is PHD3055E. I can only find the datasheet, And can’t find it anywhere for sale.
So i thought i’d come here and ask, Any ideas on what could replace this?

Here’s the datasheet in the google docs viewer.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well, the datasheet says that the TO-220 thru-hole version is “PHP3055E” - so I imagine it would be that part?


Hmm - re-reading your statement, were you looking for the part number, or something equivalent? If you are looking for something equivalent, have you checked other 3055-type MOSFETs?

Something equivalent. And no I haven’t. I’m not too keen on what would be an equivalent one. :-/ Any pointers?