Report to moderator?

in the old forum there was the report to moderator button. In one of the threads that I am trying to help with there is a member that is posting a problem that is not really related to the original thread. I suggested to them to start their own thread, but they did not. I would like to ask a mod to move the the off topic posts to their own thread, but don't know how to in the new forum.

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Flag it...

Why are "flag" and "bookmark" hidden behind three dots? :frowning:

Three dots in a row is an "ellipses". The ellipses indicates something was omitted / there is more.

What should they be hidden behind?

They should be visible. Duh. Are they trying to save some space or what?

I disagree.

A thinly veiled personal insult. That tends to end at a permanent exit.

Not meant as such. Sorry. Merely trying to express my anger towards the stupid people of discourse.

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In The Netherlands we use "Duh" for something that is very obvious without the insult part. Ask anyone. We lengthen it often to "duhuh".

A windmill can only grind grains when there is wind, duhuh.
Eggs are needed to make pancakes, duhuh.

On the other hand, we don't use the Simpson's D'oh!

I am familiar with the use. The objection is the subject. The construct makes that me.

Curious, does it really matter? Of all the neat topics discussed on this forum whether the flag is below an ellipses "menu" seems not worth the effort to type a post.

just my 2¢

It does matter.

  • There's no advantage in hiding those two buttons
  • it takes one more click to do what I want
  • the programmers must have spent at least an hour creating and testing this function
  • and nobody knows why
    I hate that.

There are quite a few "hidden" gems within Discourse.
It is just a matter of learning some of the newer more exciting features that are on offer.

Not only can you FLAG a post you also have options as to what that flag means.
IMHO I don't mind that its behind the dots as its less eye candy but there if I want it.

I understand, I guess I'm lucky I'm not bothered by minutia.

Here is one of Discourse's stupid people.

There is a site settings that control whether and which buttons should be hidden or not. Ask @alranel or another admin to change the post menu hidden items site setting.


@Erik_Baas Please be kind and respectful. Nobody is stupid here.

That said, we can configure freely which buttons should be visible and which ones are hidden behind the ellipses icon. Making the "flag" icon and the "bookmark" icon more visible makes sense to me and I applied the change as suggested by @dax1 (thank you!). Let's see how it goes. Thank you for your feedback

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Thanks for this.

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