report variables in html code

Hi there!
i'm new on Arduino world and also in programming so i need help.

I want that Arduino prints the temperature in an html page.
there it is the part of the code that i'm not able to fix:

//printing the temperature
* client.print("Temperature: ");*
* client.println("font size='8'> %f",T);*

"T" is a variable of the Temperature obtained and it is a float.

here is what the compiler says:
error:call of overloaded ' println(const char [18], float&)' is ambiguous

it's not so nice...

how can i do? can somebody help me please?

client.println("font size='8'> %f",T);

Did you look at the documentation for the println function? It takes one or two arguments. When it takes to, the second must be an int and the first a float.

You need to format the string separately from the sending of the string.

By the way, the %f format specifier is not supported on the Arduino.