Reporting back, my 2nd PCB was successful

This is a standalone atmega328 with arduino software on it. I have one 16*2 character LCD, four push buttons, four analog inputs / Digital I/O as input outputs, RX,TX,RST,GND,5V brought together for sparkfun FTDI cable or PCB adapters, or just use arduino board for loading sketches and transferring data, a power switch for wall adapter/9V battery, and a few other things.

My board was made at Made two boards there and no problem so far.

If anyone wants this thing (PCB) I can set up and sell on ebay with sample code on the LCD and else. It's a nice gadget to connect to sensors (analog or digital) and control digital devices. PM me if you want one.

Here is the PCB picture:

Here is the assembled system powered on ac adapter:

Here is connecting to PC with arduino board to save a few bucks on FTDI adapter:

Here is the system sensing two photo interrupters as a test. I was blocking channel 1 so output was low.

Album link with assembly pictures (will add captions soon)

Lessons learned:

Caps were too small, should have used smaller sized parts in Eagle.

The voltage regulater drill hole is a bit small for my 6-32, so used M3 instead. The leg holes are 1mm too close to the body.

Using keepout layer is quite useful. I almost ignored it (Eagle doesn't turn it on by default) and have very tight spaces between nuts and parts.

Forgot current-limiting resistor for LCD back light, fixable though.

Audio jacks suck. I use it to pass 5V to outside and plugging or unplugging an audio cable may short the circuits so glad Arduino main board has resettable fuse.

Will use RJ11 and include a resettable fuse in next revision. Any suggestion for a part number that is not surface mount? Thanks.

Been fighting to purchase the right standoff sizes and wishing there is a hardware store that sells it in my small town. Next design I am going all metric on these holes and else.