RepRap: Arduino Breakout Shield v1.2

Part 2 of the RepRap exhibition. We recently switched to Arduino as our primary microcontroller platform, and we've developed a set of boards based around Arduino. This board is one of my favorites, and is something that is also very useful to the rest of the Arduino community as well. Its a breakout shield for the Arduino that turns all the headers into .200" spaced terminal blocks. Not only does it break out all the pins, but it also has multiple 5v/gnd/vin/3.3v terminals as well. This is very useful for semi-permanent installations, prototyping work, etc. It was one of those "scratch what itches" type of open source projects, and I hope it scratches your itch as well.

As always, 100% open source under GPL.

More information on our wiki page.

More information on our wiki page.

I've always liked the quality of your build instructions--nice big pictures and nicely laid out.