RepRap mendel control panel nearly finished

Hello, I thought I'd share some photos of the RepRap control panel that I have made recently, if anyone's interested?

The camera can't take very good photos up close so some photos are a little dodgy but I've done my best.

Here is a picture of the RepRap, you can also see the control panel in the front and the power supply to the right (just behind the HUGE mess of wires).

This is the Control panel itself, you may notice that the LCD is higher at the front, I don't know how it happened :~.

This is the back of the Control Panel, the green screw terminals control the heated bed circuit and receive readings for temperature while the thick white cable is used to send commands to my Generation 6 board via i2c, the i2c isn't used on the Gen 6 by default so I had to modify the firmware, this meant that now it will only use the i2c commands and will not listen to the USB, all commands from the computer now go through the control panel. There is also a connector for power to the reprap and one to reset it if needed.

This is it powered on, the Reset button lights up to tell you that it is on, I did try to get the text in focus but the camera isn't great so it would have taken a while.

Out of focus again but this is the 'Missile switch' that switches on the entire machine and control panel.

This is the side with the USB port. (wow, the focus is really bad on this one :astonished:)

here is a better photo of the text, the colour is washed out by the flash on the camera.

And last but not least, the Heated Bed Control Board, I would have put this inside the box but it was getting short of space.
The thick green wires go to the bed, it gets power from the ATX power supply and it has the resistors for the thermistors. (That relay makes a good satisfying click XD)

Inside the box is an Arduino Mega, it controls the LCD, heated bed and the RepRap all at the same time, when I get the time I am going to add an SD card slot to print things from SD without a computer. While making this I accidentally made a very simple, small yet sophisticated menu system for my LCD (20x4 chars), if anyone wants to check it out then I'll post the code here.

Hope you all like it, it took me a while to make.

Thanks for all your help when making this. :wink:

Awesome! Is the RepRap ready to roll out 3D parts already?

I like your LCD menu, any more details?

Here is my user interface library, which can generate menus too. Maybe we can exchange some tips on making this type of things:

Projects that use this library:

BTW, I wonder what country/state/province you are in. You can barter some electronics for 3D printing service.

What are you using for yours?

I am using a 2560 and RAMPS... And almost got it printing, until this happend...

Stupid expensive PEEK snapped after only 10-15 minutes of use at 215c!