Reprogram MAC address

Hey Guys, im trying to reprogram the MAC address on a TCP/IP interface board.

Im fairly good with RS232 and RS485 communications, but am still learning a lot such as SDI and the various other serial protocols.

I am tring to reprogram the MAC on the device pictured. My question is, what protocol would I use to connect? RS232? And would I need to find a pinout for this to be achievable?

On the small pins appears to be a SDI connection. Would I need to use this to connect and would a standard USBTTL work?

Thanks in advance.


A quick look at your board tells me the CPU is A Texas Instruments Stellaris LM3S6432 which is configured via JTAG interface.

To access it you will need a JTAG programmer capable of talking to the LM3S6432 connected to J3. Given the labelling on J3 I suspect the interface operates at 3.3V.