Repurposing a bluetooth transmitter

I would like to repurpose this bluetooth transmitter to transmit data from a pH probe: The unit

Making a unit that can connect to any probe and transmit to a 4.0 receiver is tricky. This one does it, but only works with proprietary software (according to tech support). But maybe there is a way to receive the signal on a MEGA or Uno board, and retrieve the data in a text or CSV file?

They (Vernier) seem to support the Arduino so maybe you can figure out the protocol used by studying the sketches supplied.

The main thing with using the Bluetooth sensor is what type of protocol stack it uses. If it's using a serial stack then you have some hope of pairing with it using an Arduino BT module. If it's some other type of BT stack protocol then things will be more difficult/impossible.

If you have a BT enabled PC (or BT dongle) then can you see the probe if you do a BT scan?

It seems reasonable to suppose that Vernier wants to sell their software, as well as the probes, so they will have a proprietary data transfer protocol.

The pH probe has a built in signal amplifier as well as a microprocessor to control the radio transmitter. That basic setup is required in any case for a wireless unit.