Repurposing a Logitech 2.1 speak system

Hi. I've been playing a lot with the Arduino and loving what I used to do years ago with a much larger controller set of circuits and NO programming language except Assembler. What I would have given for this some 30 years ago.

Anyway, I have a old Logitech sound system I used for my computer and music players. I've liked it and one day, the little amp blew out. I did some trouble shooting, but could not find the issue. The speakers still work, but no volume control (variable resistor) dial still works and the volume is REAL low.

Anyway, I ended up buying another set and did not want to throw the old one out. I have recently been building a set (Starship Bridge using Artermis SBS) and thought, "I can use an Arduino to read and output the DMX feed for flash the lights, etc." and it is working great. Now I am thinking I can use it to also read the signals and help amplify the input signal, controlling the volume (the server changes the soundtracks and effects), but the volume changing might be cool too.

Anyway, that was a long way to get to my question. I've searched for amplifier circuit in the forum and there are a plethora. Most drive a single channel. This is a 2:1 system I am trying to drive, a left/right/center(sub).

Has anyone seen and can point me in the right direction to a circuit design for this?

I don't quite understand what you're trying to do and I don't have a specific recommendation...

Where's the audio coming from?

You'll need 3 amplifiers, or a stereo amp plus a mono amp for the subwoofer.

You also need high-pass & low-pass filters to make the crossover. And, you'll need a summing amplifier (or you can make a passive mixer with a couple of resistors) to mix the left & right bass.