Repurposing a [Thermal] Receipt Printer

I'm trying to find some info on repurposing a thermal receipt printer but I keep coming up with Adafruit's $50 thermal printer.

Does anyone in this category have any experience in converting an existing receipt printer (i.e. one you might find at a thrift store) and sending instructions to it from an Arduino?

The objective is to find a receipt printer for a couple bucks at a thrift store but if rewriting a "protocol" to get it to work properly is going to be more effort than it's worth, then I might just buy the prebuilt thermal printer instead.

Thanks in advance!

I interfaced such printers when I wrote a Point-of-Sale system for a company many years ago. They basically take an ascii stream, which was at that time sent over an old fashioned RS232 serial link. I haven't looked at any recently, but they are probably USB devices now, still operating with serial ASCII data. Go for it!