repurposing of PIR sensor parts for use with arduino Uno

Last year I was working on a sculpture that included a motion detecting system, and ordered and built a kit (below) with a PIR sensor to control a few LEDS and a buzzer. The kit never worked for me, even after re-checking each solder joint and resoldering anything that looked incorrect. What I want to do is desolder the lens from this circuit-board and use it for my arduino projects. The PIR sensor modules I see for sale have their own resistors/potentiometers built in, would it be more trouble than it's worth to attempt to salvage the components of this board to use the PIR lens by itself for extremely basic motion detection (without the epoxied chip on this board)?

These things are for sale, prewired, on eBay for $2 or $3. Easiest to just chuck the old one.