Repurposing Samsumg Precedent Phone

I recentlly replaced my ancient Samsung Precedent (Walmart) 3G phone, and would like to use its networking abilitiies to interface with an Arduino, presumably with an ESP32.

I am brand new to Arduino (though not to electronics and basic programming).

First: I need some advice about cell phones. The Samsung seems to have a bad micro-usb connector, and I will happily replace the battery with a wallwart power supply: just need to have some idea of the current draw on those things. I imagine can use 6VDC @1A with a few series diodes to bring the voltage to around 4VDC.

Second: Any guides/pointers/FAQs/links to using cellphones, particularly in WiFi mode for things like sensing, sending data like pictures and sound (for something like an intrusion detector). I am a bit of a noob on phones, as I only normally use them, well... as phones.

Are you equipped to program your Samsung?


Not sure.

I have the ADK. Its 2.4 Gingerbread, and not sure what to root it with. Or if I need to.

I also have a fully loaded Linux system (if that helps), but do alot also on Win 7 with a heavily loaded Python, as well as multiple Visual Studio versions.

Looking for baby-steps here.