Request for code Fritzing SHOWCASE PROJECT

For my School assignment i have to document how to create a suitcase (I will make it look like a terrorist bom kinda thing) with a Arduino board . This will be linked with twitter via a flash game (war game with tanks)

The main idea is that you can support a red or blue team via twitter using tags “#GNR8wars go red” or something.

Eventually if the whole game and the suitcase is done it will become a showcase model for people who walk around the open days and can interact with the game via there twitter.

So I got 2 Questions for the people here that would like to pinch in a bit for me since I have little knowledge of programming.

Question1: How do it make the plug-in so that the Arduino communicates with flash (just the connection so its listening to the serial/usb port) (we might want to go and use a Ethernet shield later and ditch the Pc I now am building in the case but I'm afraid I might not have enough time to get it running)

Question2: I need to provide the scheme of fritzing to show it works before the school will buy the unit for the project. The unit only needs to flash red or blue leds and maybe drive a electric fan for noise. (for now, more stuff == cooler naturally 8-))

These are the 2 items that really are hocus-pocus to me.

I have loads of other stuff like building usecases, flowcharts, lots of info into working with the arduino around the system .

So it would be fantastic if some of you guys/girls could help me out or even make one of the items for the me.

I already had a few good tips into the brainstorming processes towards the final idea (

Project is due in the end of the month got pretty far just need these last 2 bits

Well let me know if any of you got excited over the idea and wants to help me out :-)

Some useful links i have already found regarding some of my questions that might help us

Tweeter Feed:

flash communicatie:

How do it make the plug-in so that the Arduino communicates with flash (just the connection so its listening to the serial/usb port)

The Arduino code just needs to include Serial.print (or Serial.println or Serial.write) to write data to the serial port, and (with Serial.available to test whether or not there is data to read) to read data from the serial port.

I need to provide the scheme of fritzing

If you've downloaded and installed Fritzing (a great program), this is trivial. Just drag an Arduino and a couple of LEDs onto the worktable. Click on the end of an LED, and drag a line over to a pin on the Arduino. Release the mouse over the pin, and a connection is made. Move the LED or the Arduino, and the connection redraw itself.

Fritzing blue screens on this computer, but works fine on the other two computers I've installed it on.

Piezo buzzers make better sound devices than electric fans, and they are cheaper, too.

Good luck.

I'm pretty sure i can use this whole project

Just want to add some leds and a "Piezo buzzers" for extra effect.