Request for Developer to write code DEX to WMX

Hello forum members,

Looking for a developer to write some code for an Arduino board to read DEX from a Vending Machine controller, convert DEX to WMX and feed the WMX via serial RS232 to a Raveon Radio. This is for Machine-2-Machine applications.

NOTE - I am not the technical expert but will act as the initial point of contact.

Please respond if you have the skills and are interested in the opportunity. I will then put you in touch with the technical team that is working on the hardware/software for the project.

Thanks !!


This is already being done (well almost) by this company Are you trying to do anything substantially different to this. Is your client end proprietary in some way ?

Could yo also expand on what WMX is in this context and if the serial is true RS232 or a TTL UART variant.

Cheers Pete.

Hi Pete, thanks for the reply.

Will advise on the RS232 question.
Here is a link regarding your WMX question - WMX - Advanced Radio Messaging Protocol

Here is what I know regarding the specific Arduino equipment the client is planning to utilize unless advised otherwise.

1.Arduino starter kit ( – it contains Arduino Uno with 14 Digital I/O PINS so that it shall be sufficient for our RS232 needs, but will need to have appropriate shields (see below).
2. Arduino RS232 Shield for communicating with radio (e.g. : at least 2 pcs) like (hope that it is programmable which PINs from the Arduino board will be used by the shield to communicate using RS232)
3. Other communication shield(s) (wireless?)

Again, I am just relaying the information.

Thanks Kris

HI Kris,

Looking at the schematic for that shield is it using the internal UART on the MCU to communicate with and does not seem to have any jumpers to use a soft-serial port pin configuration. Are you planning on talking to more than one radio. If not then why do you need two shields. I should intention that they would not work together without the option to chose what pins to use.

Next we will need to know if you are just wanting some sort of pass-through from the Vending machine to the radio or are you wanting to have some sort of protocol exchanging going on.

Cheers Pete.

Hi Pete,

Single radio DEX to WMX will require a protocol change as I understand the issue. Waiting on the serial port info from the hardware folks.



Regarding the RS232: True RS232 on the TK9. The OEM board is TTL serial levels.

Starting with True and moving to TTL on the production model.

Do you want to connect with the team? If so, please call 904-224-2170 and I will make the arrangements; Non Disclosure is required. If not please advise so other members might jump into the discussion.

Thanks Kris

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the additional information. I am a little too busy with work at the moment to take this on. I am also not expert in either of the protocols that need to be spoken to make this work. If I was not busy then I would have taken it on as a learning exercise.

Thanks for the offer anyway.

If you have no luck here you might want to try or

Cheers Pete.

Thanks for the alternate sources for the developer skills.

Your welcome and good luck. If you need to ask anything else dont hesitate.

Cheers Pete.