Request for Serial Monitor view (window)


sorry for my bad English

1: Many times you want to stop the transfer of information, without closing the (window or view SERIAL MONITOR) which is required for a new button, [PAUSE] [CONTINUE] on the view SERIAL MONITOR

2: Change the icon (SERIAL MONITOR view), I always get confused with the icon of the IDE, when on the taskbar.


1: Muchas veces se desea parar la transferencia de informacion, sin cerrar la (ventana o vista SERIAL MONITOR ) para cual se requiere de un nuevo boton, [PAUSAR] [CONTINUAR] sobre la vista SERIAL MONITOR

2: Cambiar el icono de la (vista MONITOR SERIAL), siempre me confundo con el icono de la vista del IDE, cuando esta sobre la barra de tareas.

At the bottom of the Serial Monitor window there is a button to stop the scrolling - but it won't stop the Arduino from sending.

If you want to stop the Arduino from sending then you need to write a PC program to receive and display the data and which has the ability to send a message to the Arduino to tell it to pause. And, obviously, the Arduino program needs to be written so that it can respond to the pause message.

This Python - Arduino demo may hep get you started.


Or you can use a button on your micro board to disable the transmitter on your usart if your talking about stopping the sending from the micro to your pc. Set it up as an interrupt or just poll it in your loop. Use it as a toggle to turn the transmitter back on.