Request http with GET

I have a scketch working 5 months ago. It work sending request http. It work fine (
Last week, my internet company (movistar) changed my router adsl by a fiber router hgu askey 3505.
Since then it doesn't work.
I don't know what is happening? :confused:
Thank you

Check Firewall Rules, Port Forwarding, How do you send Data? Please rething what you wrote and which answer someone can tell you

Something similar happened to me not long ago. My ISP replaced my cable modem, but forgot to assign my static IP route to it. Just a thought...

It most likely has something to do with the the security settings. Internet companies are cracking down hard on unsecure networks. Look at software like the one in this article to secure your server.

If it's not under your control, check with your ISP to see what kind of network security they use.