Request - LED Schematic and software


Im making something really out of the ordinary, but I lack electrical engineering and programming skills. I would love to learn them and planning to, but I would like to pay in the meanwhile to get this project done. Basically I need an led strip controller with 3 sections each controlled differently but at the same time. So say if music is playing in stereo mode, the left section of controllable leds would react to the specific side, and middle would react to bass. I will share details gladly once I am done with the project, I will be releasing it all in open source too with proper credit to the developer.


Im making something really out of the ordinary

Sorry but that has been done a million times. You need to use a transistor to control each section of your strip and feed it with a PWM capable pin.

Next you need to take an audio signal and split it up. This is the hardest part. You can use an external chip to do this, or you can use software called an FFT.

However I would recomend that you first learn the basics befor you attempt this project.