Request Packet to LL-RLP-20 LoRa RF module

Im stuck trying to send a request packet to an LL-RLP-20 wireless module. I have attached the sketch and the relevant parts of the datasheet for the module. I’m just trying to do a simple request so I can see that it’s working properly but am getting no response. Is this how I should do a request packet?
Thanks in advance!

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial lora = SoftwareSerial(10, 11);
uint8_t cycle = 0;
boolean startup = true;

void setup()  
  Serial.println("Hello from MEGA328");

  pinMode(10, INPUT);
  pinMode(11, OUTPUT);

  if (lora)
    Serial.println("LoRa Connected");

void loop() // run over and over
  if (lora.available())
  if (Serial.available())

  if (startup) {
    Serial.print("Requesting hardware version. Request #");
    lora.write((byte)0xFF); //Wakeup Preamble 0 (always 0xFF)
    lora.write((byte)0xFF); //Wakeup Preamble 2 (always 0xFF)
    lora.write((byte)0xFF); //Wakeup Preamble 3 (always 0xFF)
    lora.write((byte)0xFF); //Wakeup Preamble 4 (always 0xFF)
    lora.write((byte)0xC4); //Start of Frame (always 0xC4)
    lora.write((byte)0x01); //Command Byte
    lora.write(cycle);      //Message Number (8 bit number, rollover at 255)
    lora.write((byte)0x00); //Payload Length MSB
    lora.write((byte)0x00); //Payload Length LSB
    lora.write((byte)0x06); //Checksum Byte MSB
    lora.write((byte)0x07); //Checksum Byte LSB
    lora.write('\n');       //New line
    startup = false;

Basic_Sketch.ino (1.22 KB)

Using SoftwareSerial at 115200 may be pushing it.

What are you talking to, and how is it connected to the Arduino?

I’m happy to use the hardware serial but want a way to interact on my computer’s serial monitor while developing.
I’ using a Pro Mini with a Link Labs LL-RLP-20 module. Datasheet attached.
I connected…
Arduino → Module:
10 → 23(HOST_RXIN)
11 → 24(HOST_TXOUT)
GND → 1(GND)

LL-RLP-20-Datasheet-Rev-0.2.pdf (1.12 MB)

Here’s the user guide as well for the serial interface.

LL-RLP-20-User-Guide-rev-0.2.pdf (948 KB)