Request to add Uno R1 & R2 Eagle ZIP files to website

Two reasons: - it would be nice to have access to the Eagle files and/or schematic PDF for versions of the Uno that many of us own - users would like to be able to follow/compare the changes between versions for learning purposes



Any revision information would be helpful. Currently, images of each Uno revision are shown, but no schematics are given for the older models.

If anyone has these files, and would be willing to upload them, that would at least be as step in the right direction. Another, better option would be to add separate product pages to the website.

Yeah, Arduino team is practicing a bad webpage and information maintenance policy.

Hope this helps. Uno R2 Eagle & Schematic:
Main change was ICSP connector and pull-up resistor added for DFU programming 8u2 chip, as Uno SMD has.
But R2 has a Reset problem. They have solved it in R3 adding a diode. You can fix a R2 this way:

Thanks, having R2 and some of the pieces helps somewhat. The last files I had were for R1.

regards, -e

i'm unable to use the link can anyone upload thanks in advance

Just view the history for that page, you will find the links you want.

or search them like this