Requesting a Reload Button In the IDE

I use gVim Editor on Windows 7 sp1 for any kind of coding job. Vim is suitable for my every tasks.
I have configured Vim, Astyle and Ctags for that. But I use Arduino IDE to compile and upload to ATMEGA on a breadboard using Arduino Uno R3 as ISP.

If the IDE features a 'Reload Button' in the IDE + auto-reload when a file is modified externally, this would be a red hot thing in the IDE. It would give us more freedom to use external editors of our choice like Vim, Emac, Notepad++ and more.

Currently configuring the external editor does not help much. Not this reload even if the file being modified externally and there is no option to do that manually.

So please add this stuff to the IDE.

When you have "external editor" configured, the file will be reloaded each time it is compiled...

No, it is not being reloaded. I am using Arduino IDE 1.6.4. That is why I'm requesting this feature. Reloading ensures you that the modified file is being loaded and the modified one will be compiled only. Reloading at the compile time confuses the user only.

Can you try the latest release, or hourly build please.

See: Update files when we use an external editor · Issue #1778 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

If it is still not working, we can re-open the issue above.

No I could not download the file at 80KB/s speed. But noticed that clicking the verify option successfully reloads the file. But a reload button will always be a hot feature, why not add it?

No need for a button, it should be fixed in the new version and reload automatically. I'll have a try later on and verify it myself.

Either way, you'll still need a newer version to get the fix.

I downloaded the file ‘’. Version screenshot attached.
Problem is the same as before. When you press the verify button it is ok, otherwise the code does not reload by itself. Glad to see so many new thing added and many improvements have been made to the IDE, thanks.

1.6.6 arduino screenshot at 2015.July.25-08-58pm.jpg

So sorry for the earlier post.
New nightly version auto reloads the file being modified externally when configured to 'external editor mode' in the preference.
So very very sorry.
Forgive me.

No worries, good to know its functional now.