Requesting Help to Develop Smart Shower.

Hello Everyone!

My team and i are building a smart shower which will control the temperature of the shower according to the temperature the users require which they will select when setting up the system. There will be different profiles for everyone in the house. So there should a display displaying the temperature of the water and keypad to input the names and temperature he/she wants.

We want to use an arduino board (preferably the Arduino Uno) to control the instant shower heater using a triac or relay. We plan to use thermal sensors which are water proof to detect the temperature coming into the shower heater and the temperature of the water exiting the heater.

We have already bought a cheap instant heater. ( Brand : Joven, Model No : EC 757 )

So we need help with what to get, how to make arduino control the heater and making the temperature sensors to work. We've already bought temperature sensors and got it to work but we want to know how to connect two and get it to work.

We have been researching alot as this is our first project involving arduino.

Any help in coding would also be really appreciated.

Get back to us with more details.

Here's a suggestion, plan and prepare what you've done, what you're doing, and what you hope to accomplish along with all the details no matter how specific or trivial they may seem. I had some trouble in the beginning sending out an appropriate post for my project, so I can relate. They HATE generalizations here, if you're specific on everything (even if it takes more work) the pros here will help you out; but they won't waste their time with someone who's not serious. (I don't blame them xD)

In many countries the building codes cover water temperature delivery to showers etc using tempering valves which are set temp and more precise.

Most electric showers adjust temperature by altering water flow rate, with a fixed power input and an overtemperature cutout.

Controlling ~8kW proportionally is not trivial.

And , in my opinion, not helpful. An 8kW electric shower is pathetic compared to one using a pre-heated water supply. Especially ones equipped with a high pressure pump.


If you are in the US, be sure your shower is legal and will pass local building inspections.