Requests for information

I HAVE MICROCONTROLLER OF ARDUNO THAT I OFFERED IT TWO YEARS OF THIS I have until now I can not use, when I buy there were no notice, can I post the photos on the forum
thank you in advance.
I try to speak English, excuse me for mistakes

Hi, welcome to the forum. Your English is mostly OK. There are different sections of the forum for specific languages, so if you are not entirely comfortable with English your preferred language may possibly have a community.
Yes, you can post pictures in the forum. You can upload them as attachments. In the "Website and Forum" section of the forum there is a pinned thread where it is discussed how to insert a picture inline with your text after you attach the picture.
I suggest looking for tutorials online, there are many places to look, and use them to get started with understanding how to use your Arduinos. If you have specific questions as you learn, and you can't find the answer by searching on the Internet, ask in the forum. The more specific your question is, and the more information you give that is relevant to your question, and if you ask in the correct section of the forum, it will result in better quality of answers.