Required Power supply that will drive 6 servos at the same time.

I have a Leonardo board and I’m in the beginning stages of testing(noobe), attaching the servos,etc,
what power supply do I need, that will operate 6 of these servos at the same time. My project is going to be controlling the servos using a DAW/usbmidi

Kuman 17Kg 270 Degree Metal Gear Digital Servo:
● Newly designed digital servo with interior design and precision potentiometers.
● 100% 17kg torque, metal gear and double-axis servo motor.
● Pull and plug connections and servo wire.
● Dual-ball servo, means one is drive shaft and another is virtual axis (support function).
● 270 degree rotation, barely absent and dead zone.

● Weight: 60g
● Size: 402040.5 mm
● Speed:0.16 sec/60°7.4V
● Locked-Rotor 6.6V; 7.4V
● Voltage: 6-7.4V
● Unload Current: 100mA
● Line Length: 30cm
Thanks, Matt

Pretty cool servo!

I googled it and found the manufacturers site but it did not list stall current for this servo. I would guess that it is similar to a standard RC servo and budges 1A per servo.

thanks for the quick reply! vinceherman

I think this is it, I could be all wrong though! ● Locked-Rotor 6.6V; 7.4V

You need to know the [u]stall current[/u], as the servo draws that every time it starts up.

If you can't find a value for it, assume 1 Ampere/servo, so if all servos are moving at once, you need a 6 Ampere power supply.

Would this be too much power?

also 5v or 12v?

I read on this forum that its needs to be 5 to 10 times over the unload current 100ma, so yeah an amp per servo should cover it.

or this one?

Those servos are intended to work from 6V to 7.4V so 5V is a bit low and 12V is way too high. The second 6V power supply looks better.