Resberry pi pico + USB host

Hello everyone i have successfully upload Blink built-in Led it's working properly .
Now i want to connect a Barcoad scanner with Pico and read the barcoad .
but the problem is i don't know which library i should use to interfacing barcoad reader usnig usb host ? which ardunio library i suitable for redberry pico for usb communication ?
Ex. is use to read available data on Rx i want similar command which help me to read data from usb connected devices .
Please suggest me some example , or libraray or command .....

please help

  1. Post a link to the datasheet of the scanner.
  2. Search for Arduio + "whatever the designation of the scanner)

barcoad sacnner
Thank you sir , this is the link to the datasheet of the scanner.

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please help

That link is to users manual, not to a technical data sheet. Maybe You know how to connect it..
Reply #3, question 2? Search for Arduino + barcode reader...

i try but can't find library which supported by pico .

Okey. Try and get in contact with representatives selling the Barcode sensor, visit their home page..... Any customer support You can ask....

The last alternative is that You write code needed.

You might have better luck on However, there appears to be very little support for USB host mode on the Pi Pico. Consider a Raspberry Pi running Linux which has lots of built-in support for USB devices.

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