Research Arduino (Original & Clone)


Me and my peers are doing a small research about the difference between the original Arduino and the clone as a project for college. Could you please take the time to answer these questions? It only takes less than five minutes.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Second question - Do you use the original Arduino or the clone?

Seems like a huge Bias on your part assuming most users even know the difference.

OK, I answered.

Do note that many supposed "clones" are misleadingly advertised as "UNOs" when they are in fact, nothing like a UNO but rather a variant of the earlier - and perfectly functional - Duemilanove.

The UNO is distinguished by the presence of the 16U2 (or earlier) secondary microprocessor programmed as a USB to serial "bridge". Without this, it is mendaciously misleading to refer to the device as a "UNO" as it lacks UNO functionality which includes the option to program the 16U2 for additional functions such as a HID.

Of course, many fakes (as distinct from actual clones) use the CH340 instead of the undesirable FT232 which requires a different driver but is otherwise a perfectly functional replacement.

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