Reset button

I need to put the reset button on a cable for Arduino Mega 2560.
I have searched the web, and some suggest that reset pin should be connected to GND, some that it should be connected to 5V or 3.3V with some resistor. Which one is true? I would not like to burn my Mega by trying out.

Wire it so that Reset connects to Gnd when the button is pushed; one leg to reset, one leg to gnd.

Simple as that. Thanks.

But you do want to have a 10k resistor going from the reset pin to Vcc, particularly when you are connecting external switches, and a 100nF capacitor to ground to avert any pick-up of impulses in the wiring - unless you are at any given time needing to program it via the USB port.

Hi Paul & Rob,

what method is preffered if you want to use a tactile pushbutton, lenght of the cable aprox. 6 feet?
where can I find a shematic of this wiring methods?

I tried Resetpin through push button to GND, without any resistors, and every time I pushed this button, my computer made a "beep" sign, when I use the onboard reset button, no "beeps", so there must be a difference in the internal wiring copared to my wiring reset to GND.


Since we were talking about Arduinox, perhaps you had better explain what this has to do with your "computer"? Presumably your PC? How is it connected?