Reset NodeMCU to be like new

I'm trying to use WiFiManager with my NodeMCU and a sketch which is working.

After wasting a lot of time with wiFiManager, I reduced the problem to a single line to start up - but nothing worked.

In desperation, I tried a brand new, never used new NodeMCU module.
SUCCESS! The module showed up on my cellphone, and I was able to log onto it and give it my new credentials.

Now, the new module responds the same as did the original. It seems to have retained the credentials given it in response to my "discovering" it with my cellphone. It is no longer "discoverable."

My conclusion is that in order to re-program the chip, it must be first reset to the original factory conditions. My problem is how to do this.

  • Matt

Have you tried re-Uploading the sketch whilst selecting Erase Flash > All Flash Contents from the Tools dropdown menu?