Reset Not Working

Im having an issue where i cant upload new sketches, the current sketch doesnt seem to be working, and the reset button doesnt appear to do anything.
(Arduino Mega 2560)
Have i broken it?

kinda sounds broken, used any odd power sources lately?

Nah, for a little while i was using some batteries but that was outputing 12V and i have used them before without issue, i did the loop back test and that worked fine, so i assume it something else.

Passes the loop-back test but the L LED does not blink when you click the reset button. I can think of just two possibilities: 1. the bootloader has been erased; 2. the processor is toast.

I believe you can reinstall the bootloader if you have a second board or a programmer.

Dont have a second board, and im not entirely sure what a programmer is.

"programmer" refers to programming the chip via the ICSP header. This writes more or less directly to the memory.

If you have a 2nd Arduino board:

A standalone programmer specifically for Atmel chips such as '328P, '1284P, '2560: